My name is Wilson Cauley and I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder. I work with Professor Kevin France on studying the atmospheres of exoplanets with short orbital periods. I am also interested in understanding the leftover planetary systems around white dwarf stars.

I attended Wake Forest University as an undergraduate and completed degrees in physics (BS) and math (BA). I worked with Professor Paul Anderson on calculating stress-energy tensor values for the space-time near Reissner-Nordstrom and Kerr black holes. This was essentially number crunching: I ran the numerical routines that actually did the hard math. This brief foray into gravitation moved me towards a stronger interest in observational astronomy. I decided to pursue a PhD in astronomy and began my graduate studies at Rice University in the fall of 2009. I defended my PhD (see my Research page for more information), which was supervised by Professor Christopher Johns-Krull, in the late summer of 2014. After my defense I started a post-doc at Wesleyan University working with Prof. Seth Redfield. My wife and I were there for three years until we moved to Arizona State University in the fall of 2017 where I worked with Evgenya Shkolnik for a year. We moved to CU Boulder in the fall of 2018.

In college and graduate school I played competitive ultimate frisbee for WOMB, the Wake Forest men’s club team, and Space City Ultimate, a Houston-based men’s club team. I love playing ultimate but nagging injuries and a lack of time at the end of graduate school ended my competitive career. I enjoy lifting weights and doing Crossfit-type workouts for exercise. I’m an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader and I also enjoy playing computer games when I have the time. My wife is the lovely Madeline Duffy-Feins, singer/performer extraordinaire and purveyor of the wonderful products of Arbonne. You can check out her professional website here.

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